Moyer Diebel 351 HT and the Champion UH-230B

In comparing the Moyer Diebel 351 HT with the Champion UH-230B, both are high quality and dependable models for washing, rinsing, and sanitizing glasses and dish ware. These innovative units are used in schools, supermarkets, restaurants, churches, jails, pastry shops, sandwich shops, daycare centers, assisted living centers, casinos, major hotels and bars. They have combined their expertise, experience, and customization features into unique integrated washing designs.

Moyer Diebel 351 HT
•Energy Star Certified• Weight: 165 lbs• Racks: 24 racks per hour• Temperature: 180 degree final rinse temperature w/40 degree rinse booster heater and 150 degree washing cycle• 90 second cycles• 20” x 20” racks (1 peg / 1 flat)• Water Gallons: 0.85 per rack gallons

The brand Moyer Diebel is a company that believes in designing the best in washing equipment. They have been a popular brand for over fifty years. They build simple, hard working, commercial glass and dishwashers that last a long time and without all the bells and whistles. Their leadership in the industry has given them the reputation of manufacturing dependable, performance driven washers, with beneficial warranties.

The Moyer Diebel 351 HT is the perfect model for small cafes, active bars, and other small establishments where clean, sanitized glasses and dishes are mandatory. Even though it is a powerful advanced glass and dish washer it leaves your finest glasses and dishes without any scratches or chipping. This Moyer model is an advanced, hard working washer with wash arms made from stainless steel. It has detergent and rinse-aid pumps that monitors the water temperatures in the wash cycle and the final rinse cycles. The Moyer Diebel 351 HT contains a clog free filtering system that keeps this dishwasher, virtually free from damaging clogged drains. Its pump drain allows users to install the Diebel 351 HT wherever it is needed, without the use of a fixed drain location. Its door opening is 141/2” with top mounted switches. Save time with the Diebel 351 HT because it cleans quickly and thoroughly. When you pull out your glasses and other items, from this unit, you can start using them immediately because of their sanitized condition.

Champion UH-230B
Energy Star Certified• Weight: 215 lbs• Racks: 40 racks per hour• Temperature: 180 degree final rinse water and 150 degree washing cycle• 90 second cycles• 20” x 20” racks (1 peg / 1 flat)• Water Gallons: 0.78 per rack gallons

The Champion UH-230B is purposely designed by a leading commercial manufacturer of dishwasher machines, which protect your everyday and fine glasses and dishes without any cracks or chips. It is a space saver, with its dimensions of 33.75 inches in height, 24 inches in width, and 25 inches in depth. This dish washing unit is the perfect under counter washer that not only saves on space, in any busy work area, but it is economical to run, as well as moderately priced. This undercounter model has a door opening of 15 ¾ inches for easy loading and unloading. The Champion UH-230B works quietly, yet effectively for spotless glasses, dishes, and other items. It has a door safety switch that prevents steam scalding or other possible accidents. It contains an advanced digital thermometer, a detergent and rinse aid pump, a pumped drain, and a 2.0kw 750 watt tank hear, an automatic tank fill and dump system, and a low water tank heat protection gauge. The UH-230B is powered through a 1 HP wash pump motor and a technological design of stainless steel top and side paneling, with a double wall design for quiet operations. The high quality Champion UH-230B dish washer helps users to cut down on the time it takes to clean dishes, glasses, and utensils.

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